It was such a pleasure to photograph the sweetest couple, Grace and Daniel, on a warm spring November day in Canberra. Due to unforeseen circumstances they were sadly unable to get their wedding photographs, and as such, had no heirloom images of themselves in love. For an upcoming anniversary they decided to invest in some beautiful photography to celebrate their friendship, love and marriage over the years.  We chose a natural and authentic vibe for the day, with Grace wearing her wedding dress toned-down with a cardigan and husband Daniel matching in style. We shot on location in Canberra, Australia, atop a very windy mountain! Despite the cool chill and force of the wind, Grace and Daniel found warmth in each other, and found shelter in a disused abandoned observatory with a beautiful patina sustained over time - an echo to its industrial past.

Grace's Wedding Dress by Kelsey Genna, Hat by Lack of Colour, Shoes by Hobes.